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Day 11 09/20/2009 2035hrs

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

42⁰12’50” N – 073⁰51’59” W

Catskill Creek… We made it “Somedayers”!!!! We are out of the Erie Canal, and in the Hudson River. Tomorrow we start work putting the mast back up, and I can’t wait. It’s been to long since we were a sailboat. I can feel the Banana Winds crying for her rigging, and tomorrow we will make her whole again. This morning we had an exciting adventure trying to find our way out of the canal in a very dense fog. I have sailed in Puget Sound and in the Gulf of Maine, and “Somedayers”, I have never seen fog like we had this morning. Visibility was down to about half a boat length. I spent the whole morning out on the bow sprit as a look out and calling out channel markers, three hours of the coldest I’ve been in a long time. I added a lot of pics of the fog, it was stressful, but beautiful as the fog broke and showed little pieces of the canal.

Once we were in the Hudson we saw a lot of neat stuff, some really old boats and even “LT” sleeping on watch, (look close “Somedayers” see if you can find him) and even a light house. Once we got into Catskill Creek we started to work making the old girl look good again, there’s even a pic of that. I’ll let you know how the mast step goes tomorrow. ‘Till then “Somedayers”, fair winds and calm seas.

Day Ten 09/19/2009 1950hrs

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

43⁰02’19” N – 074⁰50’54” W

Well “Somedayers” tomorrow we leave the Erie Canal behind us. We would have finished today, but for Lock #8. The lock tender decided to leave the lock at 1500hrs instead of 1700hrs and we were there for 45 minutes while we waited for another lock tender to show up. So tonight we’re tied up above lock #7, and will pass though it first thing, headed to “The Steps”. Locks #6,5,4,3,2,1 are known as the steps because they are one right after the next and descend about 180 feet in less than a mile and a half. Other than that we are nothing really exciting to report. We’re all having a good time and getting along great. Tony brought a bunch of fresh beef and sausage, so tonight we had grilled T-bones and baked potatoes, with corn and asparagus. Here are some pictures from today.


The first shots are of lock #17 it is a 40.5 foot decent and the lower end lock door is called a “Guillotine” lock. It’s really cool to see, but it douses the boat and crew with water as we went through, that’s why Stevie and I are all foul weathered up. The close up of Capt. Greg is a self portrait and if you look close you can see his hand holding the camera in the reflection of his glasses. And the little yellow house on the shore is his dream house and the big brick one is LT’s.

P.S. To all family members of the crew, if you need to get a hold of any of us and can’t get through to them personally, please feel free to call me at 937-572-8473 or the Captain at 419-466-3699. We have our phones with us all the time.

Day Nine 09/18/2009 1905hrs

Friday, September 18th, 2009

43⁰14’27 N – 076⁰08’18” W

Tony has arrived “Somedayers”, and he’s sleepy! Tony arrived this morning at 0600 after having driven all night. We got under way shortly thereafter, filled up with diesel and started across Lake Oneida. We made it across in just less than three hours, and I took the boat into a lock. You heard me right “Somedayers”, Capt. Greg handed over the reins and let me drive in. I did AWSOME!!!!!! I think I’m a prodigy. Any way, we had a great day, got a little rained on, but made really good time. We covered over 70 sea miles today. We stopped for the night in a town called Little Falls, and had a great dinner that Perry came up with. He cut up some chicken and put that in the slow cooker with some cream of mushroom soup and a bunch of veggies, it was a big hit. Earlier today he rocked out on air guitar to one of his favorite songs. I’m posting some pics of him rockin’ his socks off. The pics of that big blue and yellow thing is a dredger that was blocking our way and we had to wait for them to clear the canal for us, I just thought it was cook lookin’ so I added it to the Log pics. It is amazing how well the state of New York takes care of the canal and its waterways. Good job New York!!!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow “Somedayers”, and see what crazy shenanigans the crew of the Banana Winds gets into as they near the end of the Erie Canal!

Day Eight 09/17/2009 2017hrs

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

43⁰14’27” N – 076⁰08’18” W

Well it was a quiet day today “Somedayers”. We tied up last night right at Lock 28, so we got through it this morning at 0700, and were on our way. At the next lock, our gear linkage screwed up and we had no reverse, so I threw open the engine compartment and shifted the transmission by hand until we got through the lock.  I got it working again a bit past the lock, but I fear I have more to do before I’m done with it. The first picture today is of me trying to make it right. And, you’ll be happy to know not only did we run back into our nemesis who likes to throw big wakes at us, but now I know their name, the boat is a Saber 52, and we did get an apology from them, right before they waked us again.  Tonight we are tied up at the west end of Lake Oneida, so we went to a bar and had 50 wings again, and brought 50 back for tomorrow (Cap. Made me include the wing count), you’ll see Capt. Greg and me goin’ at ‘em like a couple of wood chippers. Not too much else to tell you about, and we didn’t take to many pics today so I’ll make it short. Until next time “Somedayers”, we bid you fair winds and calm seas.

Day Seven 09/16/2009 1950hrs

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

43⁰03’47” N – 077⁰01’16” W

We almost got to make snow angles today!!!! Well, maybe not but it sure felt like it most of the day. We woke up this morning to a frigid cold front that showed us our breath in the air, and let me tell you “Somedayers” it’s a good thing we’re headed south, ‘cause we almost didn’t survive it. We were bitchin’ about the cold all day. But we had some beautiful sights today, probably due to a certain extent to the chilly weather, so I guess even a frozen canal has its gifts. We’re really enjoying ourselves and are meeting a lot of new friends. We even passed a very hoity toity yacht club today call the “Grand Erie Yacht Club”; I included a pic of their club house. I’m also putting lots of pics of our chilly morning and our lovely scenery.

If you remember I told you about the total ass that nearly waked the masts off the deck a couple of days ago? Well we caught up to them today in the canal and they nearly killed us again when they decided to stop directly in front of us, I love stupid boaters, they make things so exciting.

Attention “Somedayers”, we still have a spot open from Annapolis to Miami, $750.00 all inclusive. You don’t have to be a “Somedayer”, you could be like us “Todayers”, think about it. Let us know.

P.S. Capt. Greg made me include a picture he took of me at the ass crack of dawn this morning, I hate mornings.

Update Day Six 1925hrs

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

43⁰14’56” N – 078⁰11’34” W

Hi from Albion, New York “Somedayers”. We have hunkered down for the night, and treated ourselves to a meal out. We went to a pizza dive and got an ungodly amount of food, a “sheet” (about 18”x24”) of pizza and 50 wings. It was wonderful. Now we’re back on the boat and about to watch a movie before we turn in. Here are some pictures of Albion and our dinner.

Till next time “Somedayers”.

Day Six 09/15/2009 1440hrs

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

43⁰13’09” N – 078⁰26’56” W

We are in the Erie Canal and making good time. Jim Bryant, who the crew has nicknamed “LT” due to his past naval service, and Perry went to Niagara Falls last night, and Steve went to see some family he has in the Buffalo Area. The Captain and I stayed on the boat and watched a movie. We left Rich’s Marine this morning at about 0700hrs, after saying good bye. We had a couple of exciting moments this morning in the Niagara River. First we were waked by a total ass in a powerboat so bad we nearly lost our masts overboard.  And then, Capt. Greg and I panicked when we saw that our course would take us under a fixed bridge that had only fourteen feet of vertical clearance. We had the boat completely turned around before Steve reminded us that our masts were down and we shouldn’t have any problems clearing that height, thanks Steve. So we made it to the canal and are having a great time. We have passed thru lock #35 & #34, which are connected and dropped us down 50 feet. We have passed under and had to wait for several bridges.

P.S. Hey Mr. Furgler, any word on our dock signs at Lakeland.

Day Five 09/14/2009 1610hrs

Monday, September 14th, 2009

42⁰56’10” N – 078⁰54’26” W

We have no mast!!! That’s right “Somedayers” we have successfully removed the main and mizzen mast and laid them on deck without any mishaps or injuries. Everything is stowed and ready for our trip through the Erie Canal. We are planning to depart tomorrow morning. Steve Cheimets has joined the crew for the transit threw the Erie Canal, and where glad to have him here. Steve is a veteran of the last time the Banana Winds went down the canal, and is a paramedic as well, I hope he doesn’t have to work While he’s on board. As always I want you all to see how we’re doing so check out these pics.

Day Four 09/13/2009 1700hrs

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

42⁰56’10” N – 078⁰54’25” W

We made it to Buffalo “Somedayers”. We left last night at 1930hrs and arrived this morning at 0415hrs. We had a beautiful sail through the night. We kept the diesel running at about 1700rpms and used the main sail, our speed topped out at 8.5kts. The sky was perfectly clear and the stars were breathtaking. I could help but wish that I was an artist or poet or songwriter, because as it stands I have no means of expressing the unbelievable splendor of our night under sail. When we arrived in Buffalo we tied up to a gas dock and went to bed for a couple of hours. We got up at about 0800hrs and filled up our fuel tanks with contaminated diesel, causing us to change and clean our fuel filters later on in the day. We passed under our first bridge and threw our first lock, before we got to Rich’s Marine where we got the Banana Winds read to have her masts pulled. We should be finished with our work tomorrow and be in the Erie Canal on Tuesday. I’m posting some pictures of our first bridge and lock. Sleep well “Somedayers”, as I’m sure we will as well.

Update 2010hrs

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

42⁰11’36” N – 080⁰00’33” W

We are off to Buffalo “Somedayers”! We got a weather window and weighed anchor at about 1900hrs. As I’m writing this we are underway, the seas are two to four feet and the wind is about 15⁰ of our port bow. The weather is supposed to settle down in the next couple of hours, which will make for a nice night passage. We should arrive in Buffalo sometime around 0500hrs tomorrow morning. I for one am glad to be getting underway again. Being tied up by the weather and having such a trying time getting to Buffalo has made it feel like that is the goal, it’s not. Buffalo is just the first leg of our trip; I think it will do us all good to get it behind us. Please say a prayer for our save night passage, if you are one to pray, and keep us in your thoughts if you aren’t.

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