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Get ready for SUMMER!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Attention all “Somedayers”!!!!! We will be back and better than ever!!!! I know many of you were concerned at the news that the Banana Winds was sold. But fear not “Somedayers” your chance to be a “Todayer” is still in tact. Yes, Capt Greg did sell the Banana Winds, but we still have access to her in Florida for any of you who would like to sail the beautiful waters of  the gulf coast. You can call Capt. Greg directly on his cell phone at (419) 466-3699 for more details and to book a trip.

And for those of you that dreamed of sailing the summer in the greatest of The Great Lakes, and the Caribbean of the north, Port Clinton, Ohio. Worry not my friends for we will be at our old berth behind America’s Best Value Inn just like last summer… only better!!! That’s right “Somedayers” not only will we be back, but we’ve expanded our fleet to two boats. We will be sailing a Catalina 32, and a Hunter 46. I am adding a few pics of each for you to see. The first three pics are of the 32, and the rest are of the 46.  This change in our sailing fleet will allow us to build a charter for any one’s specific needs. Including bareboat charters on the Catalina 32 and sailing lessons on either of our Lake Erie boats. And “Somedayers”, we have decided, in the interest of accommodating more of you, more often, we are lowering our price for our two hour sail. A two hour sail will be only $35.00 per person and we’ve lowered our minimum from six people to two. But wait… there’s more!!!!! Sea stories are FREE!!!!!!!

So “Somedayers”, start shopping for some new boat shoes and some Hawaiian shirts, ’cause we’re back and better than ever!!!!!!!

I Bid You Fair Winds & Calm Seas

Banana Winds standing by on 16…. Clear

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