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South on Koinonia27

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Hey Somedayers,
We’re in Elizabeth City, North Carolina as of noon on the 18th of Sept. The weather has been great as far as warmth and sun shine but sometimes a little breezy for some of the crew. Yesterday and this morning we were in the Dismal Swamp, ( south of Norfolk Virginia and at the North Carolina state line) jammed a submerged log between the rudder and the prop late yesterday witch stalled the engine. God I hate that; you know when all of a sudden everything that you thought you knew goes thru your mind and ends up with NOW WHAT!. Well… after a few minutes and Lord I need your help we got the log loose and were on our way, Spent the night at South Mill, North Carolina tied up at the bridge, where I’ve spent a few nights before with BananaWinds and some great friends. This morning we left at 0900 hrs. thru the lock at 0915 and commenced to get another submerged log tangled in the rudder, this time losing all steerage. Dammmm! You’re killing me here. This time, we did throw Sharon over, and in a few minutes she gotter lose, good job Sharon. You know it sounded good. Anyway here we are in Elizabeth City, hanging out wondering what you’re all doing , excuse me ,what yall are doin cause I know it’s Saturday and nobody’s working but me. Hey… this is work, besides I don’t have a real job.
Next couple of days look to be on the lite air side 5 to 10 just what Sharon ordered, good for motor sailing and taking it easy. The boat has been great and is very easy to handle but because of the center cockpit it seems to have a lot of freeboard and collects a lot of windage, pushing the boat sideways, frontways, backways, and allways. Hey Boss… I needs a bow thruster here!!
Don’t forget for more of that in depth reporting.
Until We get internet again.
As always, you know who loves ya.
Sail Naked

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Hey Somedayers,
We arrived in Annapolis, Md. after an eight hour motor sail in the fog and rain and on my part, with joy and some sadness. Realizing that a little less then of a year ago I arrived here on the Banana Winds for the second time. Chasing a dream , do we really ever catch that dream or do we just fail to realize it. Some people make a lot of money selling that dream , but for me I guess it’s been the freedom . Yesterday also brought me in touch with Jim Southward, who was my first mate on the BananaWinds last trip and also for the sailing season that year. Jim is no longer a first mate but a Captain in Annapolis, Md. It’s always a pleasure to be with Jim, as anybody who has meet him will tell you. My hope is that his dreams will come true, as mine have. Well done, Jim Southward.
Anyway , today we get some supplies (food) gotta have food and (drink) gotta have drink for the journey to continue. Minor fixes for the boat and we be out of here.
As always, You know who loves Ya.
Sail Naked

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Day 367 9/12/2010 2200hrs
38⁰58’22” N – 076⁰29’28” W
Well somedayers, Former first mate Jim here. I’m back to do another ship’s blog entry from Annapolis. Capt. Greg is here with our good friends Neil and Sharon from Punta Gorda. He’s helping them take their boat down to Florida. As many of you know, I am now living and working on the water here in Annapolis Harbor, and I’m so excited to be able to act as host for the gang while they’re here for a couple of days. I believe in fate, and fate has played a role in the timing of their arrival here. I work almost every day this time of year, and Greg, Neil and Sharon have sailed into the harbor the day before one of my two days off this month.
Tonight we met for dinner after I got off work and had a great time at The Boatyard Bar and Grill in Eastport. Tomorrow we’re going to meet again for breakfast at Chick and Ruth’s Dinner in down town Annapolis, after which I’m taking them on a harbor cruise on the Harbor Queen. Then it’s provisioning and catching up and just enjoying life on the hook in the harbor, and what a life it is.
Somedayers, I have to tell you that I loved seeing the gang again, catching up with Capt. Greg is awesome. I owe him a lot, I don’t think I would be doing what I’m doing and loving it as much as I am, if it were not for the opportunity he provided me with last year. I am truly grateful, and I am so happy, that I can reciprocate this little bit by showing him and his new shipmates a good time while they’re here.
And lastly Somedayers, I’m sorry to say, the ranks of your membership has dwindled a bit. Admiral Sharon and Captain Neil are no longer among the ranks of the rest of you… As of this summer, they find themselves as “Todayers”, and we are happy to have them with us. And don’t feel bad Somedayers, for it is the nature of your condition that all of you will someday be with us, out here, in the sun. We can’t wait for y’all to join us, and until then keep dreaming.

From all of us in Annapolis, we bid you fair winds and calm seas…
Banana Winds standing by on ONE SIX… clear.
P.S. let’s all keep Neil, Sharon and Greg in our prayers and wish them a successful voyage the rest of the way to the Gulf Coast.

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Hey Somedayers,
Here we are again, arrived in Atlantic City Wed. 8:30 and was welcomed aboard the Koinonia by the owners Neil and Sharon Hunt. Departed Thursday 8:30am with 15 to 20 knots WNW gusting to 30+ 3-5 FT SEAS. Anyway a great time was had by all, well… maybe not by all, maybe just me. Arrived Cape May, N.J. 3:30pm. We thought we might leave Fri. am. But decided that running against 20knts and opposite tide, makes for a long day. So we are staying in Cape May for one more day. I know what you’re thinking, how hard can it be but this is hard stuff. Being in the sun all the time and getting sun burned watching the world go by and not knowing what day it is, Dammm I’m not sure how much of this I can take but it makes my heart sing. See how happy Neil is and if you listen close you can hear his heart sing . I think that was his heart , anyway we spent the day exploring Cape May and it’s bike week in town what a crazy place to be. Heading for Chesapeake City on the C and D canal. I’ll make sure I include more pictures next posting. Where’s Jimmy when I need him, Oh that’s right He’s hanging out on boats to.
Remember who loves ya .
Sail Naked

Going south on the Koinonia27

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Hey Somedayers!

 Well I guess by now, most of you know that in Port Clinton, Oh.  we have pulled the Tropical Attitude for the summer. We’re getting ready for the winter a little early, I will admit, but we are assisting some friends with their boat from Atlantic City, N.J. to Punta Gorda, Fl. I will be keeping all of you great people who still have jobs enlightened on the stress levels of  hanging  around on boats. We did have a great summer this year!  I want to thank all of you who sailed with us this last summer. A lot of you have been with me before and for some of you, it was your first time. My hope is that you enjoyed it as much as I always do. I have never met a person who said I wish the trip was shorter but they have said, I wish the trip was longer.  I’ll be flying out Wed. morning 6:45am. My first mate, Jimmy Southward, would say “at the ass crack of dawn”.  Anyway, this should be another great trip south to Florida. I’ll be posting some picture on the ships log and sending it to all that I have emails address for. Neal and Sharon also have a website that they will be posting to, so you can get two great looks at what we are doing. How KEWL! Is that  So… until our next meeting stay well, SAIL NAKED and God Bless.

Capt Greg Smith

Helper on the Koinonia27

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